those paper plates

Melamine Paper Plates #dishes #party #picnic #giftsRemember those flimsy paper plates that you’re Grandpa would put in that woven round holders? It was like a fancy way of making sure you could carry a paper plate to the table. Maybe yours didn’t do that but mine sure did.  They were usually used for lunch as sandwiches didn’t make much of a mess. Only bread and butter pickles could seep through the paper and potato chips would leave their greasy trail.  He also used them for his afternoon snack of wheat thins and easy cheese which he ate while playing solitaire. Well, last week, I had flash back to those lunches at my grandparents when I found these melamine paper plates.

I love that someone had the brilliant idea to remake those paper plates in melamine! That way you get the fun of the retro plates without the flimsy feel.  It’s also a bonus that they are reusable. Usually melamine is that shiny plastic that glares at you. But these plates are matte so there’s no shiny glare. Melamine is the quintessential children’s dishes as they are almost indestructible. I’d be happy to serve my nieces and nephews on these pretty plates.  It also used to be that melamine would bend in the dishwasher but somehow these plates are dishwasher safe as well.  I think they would be perfect for a picnic or a weekend luncheon. I’d be happy to serve guests with them.  The delicate blue flowered plates bring just a hint of whimsy. I think I’ll add a stack of those to my collection. That way I can dress up a party mixing and matching these ‘paper’ plates. If you’d like to hunt them down for your own kitchen the name of the brand is One Hundred 80 Degrees. They can be found at little mom & pop boutiques like Salt & Sundry where I found them. Several online shops stock them as well like Glitterville, Perpetual Kid, and Mod ClothMelamine Paper Plates #dishes #party #picnic #gifts


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