Pasta Flyer DC Pop-up

Pasta Flyer DC Pop-upDelicious gluten free pasta in a restaurant! Can you believe it? Yesterday, I had the chance to stop by Pasta Flyer‘s DC pop-up restaurant at Toki Underground on DC’s hip H street.  Toki Underground isn’t a place I’ve been able to try as their ramen menu isn’t very conducive to a gluten free diet. Don’t get me wrong I loved ramen when I could eat it. But Pasta Flyer’s pop-up made me able to check out this venue while enjoying a gluten free meal.

Toki-UndergroundPasta Flyer for those who don’t know is the creation of Executive Chef Mark Ladner of Del Posto restaurant in NYC. Chef Ladner was inspired by the response of gluten free diners about his amazing gluten free pasta at Del Posto.  He in turn set out to create a quick-service pasta restaurant that’s so good even gluten filled pasta lovers will line up for a bowl.  Let me tell you, Chef Ladner’s pasta is that delicious.


I was very excited to try Pasta Flyer after their kickstarter campaign with many months of tweets about their progress and developing menu.  After a few minutes wait, we were seated at Toki Underground’s bar stool seating.  Meyer and I decided to go whole hog and order the whole gluten free menu. As you can see above there were quite a few options.  The Superiority Burger wasn’t GF due to it’s bun but Meyer decided to try that as well. I stayed away for obvious reasons.  He thought it was the best veggie burger he’s ever eaten. Especially since he didn’t know it was a veggie burger when he started eating it! Definitely check out the press on Brooks Headley’s, Del Posto’s pastry chef, burger pop-up. PF-Stuffed-pepper

The stuffed cherry pepper was petite but picante with ham and cheese stuffed in the middle. PF-garlic-dots The garlic dots were airy delicious fried orbs. They hinted at garlic and were dusted with cheese. I devoured the whole pile of them.  I could’t resist. 
PF-Tatsoi-tomatoesI’m not the biggest fan of greens but the tatsoi with tomatoes was amazing! I loved the vinegar bite of the tomatoes with the vegetal crunch of the greens. PF-elbowsElbow shaped pasta was enveloped in a porcini cream, with parsley stems, and topped with a soft scrambled egg. It was luscious and rich.  Meyer could have eaten the whole bowl himself.  PF-SpiralsThe pasta screws, with garlicy pesto, smokey bacon, and peperonata was my favorite. I loved the diversity of tastes in the bowl with the spicy peppers on top, the rich crunchy bacon, and the garlicy but light pesto enveloping the pasta. 

The classic pasta tubes, with marinara, charred onion, nona’s meatballs, and ricotta cheese was pure comfort food. I can’t give anything but compliments to this stellar meatballs and gravy pasta dish.

And for dessert….
An amazing Sicilian breakfast sandwich, aka strawberry gelato in the middle of a zeppoli. It was so good that I forgot to take a picture of it. But you get the idea with the little gelato left in that bowl. yum.

Every dish had a little unexpected twist to it. These twists made me keep coming back for another another bite. All the dishes were delicious and addictive. I can’t wait for Pasta Flyer to open quick-service restaurant outposts on the East Coast. I’ll certainly frequent them not only for their gluten free pasta but because of the mouthwatering food they create.

*For discloser’s sake, please note that Meyer and I supported Pasta Flyer’s Kickstarter campaign.

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