Photo Journal: Rehoboth Beach, DE

Summer calls for a beach vacation. This year we spent a week in Rehoboth Beach, DE with our extended family.  Here’s a few shots I took around town while enjoying the sun, salt air, and lots of good food.


Rehoboth Beach is such a cute beach town.  I love the shore (yes, I’m an east coast girl who says the shore).  It’s a place where you can bum around all day in ratty shorty and flip flops.  But come evening, you can find a delicious meal in an assortment of upscale restaurants.

Rehoboth-photo-journal-2There’s also things to do for everyone.  An arcade, lots of candy stores, eclectic shops to poke around in, miniature golf for all ages, and of course the beach.  One thing’s for sure it’s a relaxing vacation.  Everything moves a bit more slowly down there and the pressure of your to do list gets washed away by the ocean waves.

Evening-rehoboth At night sugared children run the boardwalk.  But who can resist a carousel or your fortune being told by Zoltar? My favorite little shop on the main strip is the Rehoboth Beach Variety shop.  It has a bit of everything from flip flops to cards to funny gifts to bandaids.  A good variety store is a saving grace in a town where no one wants to move their car and everything else is just a short walk away. We love to poke our heads in after strolling the town for our evening walk.  I’ll miss the laid back vibe of this town as life gears up right after Labor Day.  That ocean breeze will be in my dreams until the next time we take a stroll through Rehoboth Beach.

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