Reading Terminal Market-Philadelphia

This weekend we took an adventure to Philadelphia.  Our highlight was roaming Reading Terminal Market for several hours on Saturday morning.  I drooled over all the meat counters-how can you choose which butcher to buy from!?   Reading-terminal-market The smells wafting from the breakfast stalls were delicious even if there were unbearable lines.  I missed eating a cheesesteak-oh the woes of a Philly girl with Celiac Disease. But they did smell delicious.  A crepe stand professed gluten free crepes but I wasn’t hungry enough to ask my 1,000 questions on their gf practices.Reading-terminal-market This Indian food stand would be the perfect gluten free lunch.  Pilau and korma was calling my name but it was only 10:30am. So I’ll keep it in my back pocket as a downtown lunch for the future. Reading-terminal-market This French Provincial shop had adorable children’s clothing along with table linens.  New tea towels and a set of placemats is in my future. The bright colors will be perfect for summer.  Reading-terminal-market Fresh fish was abundant as well at the market.  With no fishy smells, I’d have no problem picking up some fillets weekly here.  Reading-terminal-market One charcuterie counter was more than memorable with lovely cured meats pates, and unusual cuts of meats. I’ll certainly remember La Divisa for salumi in the future! Ohh I can’t forget the cheese we found. There were so many lovely cheesemongers. I could have taken a slice off a 100 rounds of cheese. Reading-terminal-market

Fresh ramps, foraged fiddlehead ferns, and stinging nettles all made Meyer swoon. If only we were going directly to our house (and with a cooler!).

Reading-terminal-market These vintage looking canned peaches are not only beautifully packaged but taste like summer. A Greenbrier peach smoothie would be the perfect way to use them. Reading-terminal-market

We had so much fun tooling around the market. Obviously we can entertain ourselves for hours looking at foodstuffs.  I’m surprised we didn’t stuff our faces with all the tempting options but maybe it was a good thing we were there so early in the morning. What we did find was several tours being held taking people around the Reading Terminal Market. If you’re ever in Philly you might want to consider such a food tour. I’m betting they aren’t gluten free oriented but they’d have lots of insight into the history of the market.

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