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Recipes #yesteryear #thoughtsI’m a little amazed at the decadence of recipes that I’ve found on the web recently.  I wonder if many of them are just over the top to get readers or do people actually make these butter laden and sugar dripping foods? My mother went through a phase of French recipes. She even made her own country paté one time-delicious I might add. But I’m just not sure if the cooks of today are having a revolution with these heavy rich recipes.  I find it such a contrast to the Farm to Table, Grass-fed, Paleo and Locavore movements.  I’m not sure where the world divided in cooking but it seems to certainly have done so.  I have to admit I’m on the latter side of the coin.  I lean towards local ingredients, unprocessed foods, and almost paleo recipes.  Maybe that’s why there’s horror on my face when I see recipes come up on my Facebook feed or on Pinterest that are so opposite to these tendencies.

I do want to make some childhood recipes for Christmas. But I’m not one to go down the road that a whole stick of butter will make anything better.  Though I’m not sure you can have spritz cookies without butter (well I guess lard would do).  I’m ready to have treats for the holidays but not go too off the deep end with potato chip topped fudge or making sugar cookies into an eggnog cookie bar.  Why not just enjoy the simplicity of a holiday cookie? I’m also over salted caramel sauce. It seems these days it’s drizzled over everything. Sure it’s delicious but I want one taste or to have it on one ice cream sundae not on every brownie bar that I can imagine.

Quite possibly the worst recipes in my opinion are those that use processed packaged ingredients combined together to made a casserole. Really? Why not just use natural ingredients to get the same flavors.  I’ll even credit you some extra salt to tease your tastebuds over from the packaged goods to fresh and natural ones.  One of the most fear inducing recipes to me is that of a Velveeta cheese casserole with frozen vegetables and cream of mushroom soup.  I know some were brought up on such creations but it’s time to move past that. Why not try your hand at making it from scratch with sharp cheddar cheese, fresh steamed broccoli, and sautéed mushrooms? It might not have exactly the same flavor but I bet it will become a new family favorite.

You’ll find me in the kitchen trying my best at recreating some of those childhood favorites with fresh produce and the most local ingredients I can source.

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