Review: The Partisan

The-PartisanI’ve heard great things about The Partisan here in DC.  I’ve long enjoy several other restaurants in the Neighborhood Restaurant Group so was thrilled to try out the newest addition to NRG last week.  The Partisan also has a Red Apron Butcher attached the restaurant.


We stopped in for a pre-theater dinner. Our helpful waiter explained that the menu is broken up into sections and by sizes of plates: small medium and large. There is also an extensive charcuterie menu for wetting your tastebuds with some cured meats.  I was assured that my gluten free needs would easily be met. However, I did grill the waiter and kitchen about their beet fat fries (gluten free!) and learned that their rotissi-fried chicken was also gluten free. Of course we had to order both. We rounded out the meal with an order of whiskey braised lamb ribs, amazing pork rinds, and olives. Not the healthiest but certainly delicious choices. I have opine over the pork rinds which were delicious and perfectly paired with a vinegar based barbecue sauce. Yum. They’d be a great bar snack as well.  The restaurant had an extensive bourbon list that Meyer certainly enjoyed.


I couldn’t believe my luck when our server explained that the beef fat fries were gluten free! I so rarely get the opportunity to eat french fries out that I gladly ordered them that evening. The fries were fried a dark golden hue and were served with a ranch aioli which was also delicious.

There wasn’t much left of the rotissi-fried chicken by the time I took a picture.  The half chicken was quickly crisped in beef fat after being cooked rotisserie style. There was no coating on the skin making is naturally gluten free! The honey hot sauce was tasty as well.

We also had the chance to return to The Partisan with some friends for brunch this past weekend.  I’d certainly recommend going for brunch and know that we go again.

The-Partisan-5I chose the steak and eggs with cheesy grits-it was awesome. It was easy to find gluten free options on this menu.  We also ate the beef fat home fries with pimenton, onions, and peppers and the bacon plate which even featured face bacon!

The-Partisan-6 You are can also see in this photo of the giant plate of bacon the scrapple, duck french toast panini, and pork heart hash that our friends selected. Everyone enjoyed their brunch. The-Partisan-8We were very pleased with both of our meals at The Partisan. I think we’d be a bit careful in the future to make sure at least at dinner not to order too many super rich foods. Our eyes certainly got the best of us and led us to order delicious but heavy foods. My gluten free needs were easily accommodated and never seemed to be a problem for either meal.  My final tip: as long as you remember to order at least one veggie or light course, I think you’ll love your meal at The Partisan.

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