Roundup-grilled sausages


What is summer without grilled sausages?  A juicy link charred on the grill brings back a flood of memories from baseball to picnics to family parties. Grilling garlic dogs off the side of our Float Boat is a fond memory for my father. And who can resist a hotdog toasted on a campfire?  Sausages are one of the easiest things to get kids to eat and adults rarely complain as well.  I love topping them with grilled peppers and onions, sweet pepper relish, or even sauerkraut with mustard. There’s endless combinations from Texas tommies to Chicago-style dogs. Everyone has an opinion of the perfect hotdog or sausage and what toppings are divine.

I have to be a bit more particular about my sausages these days, as not all are gluten free.  Here’s a roundup of sausage brands to make your summer as juicy as you always remembered.  Please note that it’s  best to double check with the manufacturer for gluten free status of all products.

  • Applegate hotdogs are gluten free just like all their lunchmeat!
  • Nathan’s Famous hotdogs are all gluten free.
  • Several of Wegman’s store brand sausages are gluten free.
  • Hartmann’s Old World Sausages states all of the sausages but their Scottish Bangers are gluten free.
  • Boar’s Head is another great company with gluten free meats. I’ve especially enjoyed finding their bratwursts in the local supermarket.
  •  Amylu Chicken Sausages come in a wide range of flavors.  All are gluten free!
  • Aidells has a vast range of chicken sausages. They also make gluten free meatballs (not all are gluten free), hotdogs, lunch meat, and salami.
  • For the vegetarians in your life, Lightlife makes gluten free smartdogs.

p.s. Udi’s hotdog buns are a perfect match to a gluten free dog or sausage. I like it microwave the buns for 30 seconds to steam them a bit.

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