Roundup: Quick Gluten Free DC Lunches



For some reason getting my hair done always seems to fall in the middle of the day right when I’m starving. I guess that’s bad planning on my part but it also has to do with timing driving into DC so not to hit either side of rush hour traffic.  Because, as everyone knows “rush hour” is no longer just an hour.  These days I try to make sure I eat before hand or have snacks to hold me over ’til I get home for a homemade lunch, but sometimes it just doesn’t pan out.   In those cases, I like to know I have a few options in my back-pocket.  You know, places that I can run in and count on getting a quick gluten free meal.  It can sound overwhelming to come up with a list of places but with a bit of research and armed with lots of good questions I’ve found many places to be very accommodating.  Here are a few of my favorite quick gluten free DC lunches:

  • Sweet Green is one of my favorite quick lunches!  They have such unique and delicious toppings for salads.   I also love that all their dressings are gluten free. With nineteen DC/MD/VA locations there’s almost always one a few minutes drive away.   
  • Cava Mezze Grill  is a good option for a quick lunch. Keep away from the pitas, meatballs, and falafel.  They even have quinoa tabbouleh! I buy their hummus at Whole Foods to enjoy at home-it’s so good. 
  • Pret a Manger  I was surprised to find that many of their salads are gluten free.  There’s also yogurt pots (without oats) to enjoy.  I’ve loved their popcorn for years. They seem to be on almost every corner throughout the city.  
  •  Good Stuff Eatery is my gild the lilly indulgent lunch.  They have delicious burgers that you can ‘shun the bun’ or order a burger on a salad. The best part, though, is that the french fries are made in a dedicated fryer! yum.  I live for finding french fries made in dedicated fryers.  Just be careful of the shakes as they make all their shakes on the same mixer so they might have cross contamination but coke floats are ok! 

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