Roundup: Warm Winter Cocktails

Warm Winter Cocktails #drinks #booze #winterdrinksWarm winter cocktails are on my mind. I don’t count hot toddies really as cocktails as those are medicinal in my book but there’s many other cocktails warming either in temperature or strong alcohol that certainly bring on a toasty feeling.  Being out in the cold weather hiking or just with the dogs makes me want a warm drink when I come back inside. When I can, I choose to make those toasty drinks of the alcoholic kind. Some cocktails in this roundup are old favorites, while others I’ve recently learned about but all I will certainly be making to keep back the chill this winter. With another round of snow expected next week, I think this weekend’s the perfect time to practice making some warm winter cocktails!

  • A Blue Blazer always comes to mind for a warming cocktails.  What beats flaming scotch?
  • Marcus Samuelsson creates an interesting spiced white wine Glögg. This might not be my grandfather’s glögg recipe but it sounds delicious.
  • Cherry Pepper Martini might be a cold drink but it will warm you from the inside out.
  • This Hot Butter Rum is not only a delicious cocktail but a rich dessert in one!
  • After a long hike or a day of cross country skiing I’d love to sip on a Tequila Mint Spiked Hot Chocolate.
  • Warm Cider and Rum Punch sounds like a delicious winter party drink.
  • I’m a suck for a Manhattan so this Spiced Manhattan Cocktail intrigues me. Orange, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cayenne combine to give a winter’s flair to a classic drink.
  • Wishing for snow? How about a rich concoction called a Blizzard Cocktail for a cold winter’s night.

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