Shy Food Blogging

Shy Food BloggingShy food blogging or that’s what I call it.  Sometimes I’m not the outgoing chatty interviewer. (I have moments when dining out when I don’t overtly want be a food blogger. I guess I’d have to say I’m still a bit shy about blogging while out at a restaurant.  I know there’s bloggers out there who are bold and unabashed about their photos and notes. I’m just not one of them.  Maybe this is just my style but right now it feels a bit like shyness. I’m still getting comfortable about defining myself as a food blogger. After almost a year of writing I’m just feeling like Violet Meyer is starting to come along. I’m getting in a habit of writing. I’m constantly thinking about recipes. I’m rifting on what I see other people make. It’s really getting fun. But sometimes I still get stuck taking covert photos of my dinner. I don’t want to define myself in a restaurant as a food blogger instead I want to enjoy the meal like I used to before I went down this wordy path. I’ve had a blast as conferences when there’s a bunch of food bloggers all taking photos of their meals.  That’s great camaraderie. It also makes me feel more comfortable about pulling out my camera.

When it’s just me and Meyer, I’m much more covert.  Yes, that means my photos aren’t always perfect but I’m learning. I’m also reaching out of my comfort zone. These amazing meals that I’ve been eating remind me that I need to take better photos-to share them with all of you.  I want to share my experiences and show other diners that delicious gluten free food can be found around the country and the world.  So that’s what I’ve got to keep reminding myself: more photos means more great gluten free meals to share.

Some days I wish I was the bold, always had a huge camera strapped to her blogger. In those cases, I wish I knew how to find the perfect angle and light.  But I’m not that person or I’m not there yet. I know there’s so much for me to still learn.   It’s an experience that I am very grateful for and I look forward to growing and developing my ‘mad’ skills.  Here’s hope that you dear reader learn a bit from me too.

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