The smell of home: simmering scent

The smell of home: simmering scent #simmer #airfreshnerHome has just a distinctive scent for all of us.  But yet it’s like an unattainable thing as for smelling your own home it’s nearly impossible. It’s so comforting It’s that smell that when you return form a long trip makes you sigh to be in your own house relaxing.   I remember when I traveled to New Zealand on a school trip in the fifth grade, we stayed with a family who’s house smelled exactly like my paternal grandparents house. It immediately put me at ease.  There’s only one other house, that of a childhood friend’s home, that I have found to have the same smell. It’s so hard to describe but maybe has a hint of cedar? I know I’d know it immediately if I smelled it again. There’s also the smell of my parent’s house. One that I don’t think I even know exists but is somehow transported on our clothes when we come home to our own house. Then I can sniff it and know that it’s the smell of my childhood home.

At the holidays it’s so nice to have a delicious scent wafting through the house.  If you aren’t baking cookies why not have a wonderful scent simmering on your stove?  The right scent can be so inviting to guests. Isn’t that why realtors so often bake cookies in homes they are trying to sell?  It makes it “smell like home.”

For a true feeling of the holidays you could simmer some cloves, cinnamon, and orange peel.  With a cosy fire in the fireplace that would be a wonderful smell. You could even adding in some small pieces pine if you’d like. However, I’m not ready to be that jolly yet. I just want a calm clean scent to permeate the house. As an added bonus it’ll also cover up that roast we cooked last night.  I used a few sprigs of thyme, a handful of peppercorns, and a few lines of grapefruit peel.  The clean citrus of the grapefruit compliment the spicy peppercorns and the herbaceous thyme.

Simmering Scent #natural #airfreshnerPlace your natural scents in a small pot of water.  Allow it to come to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer. Keep adding water every half an hour or so to keep your simmering scent freshening your whole house.  Our house will smell wonderful for hours to come.

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