Simple Chicken stew with rice

Chicken Stew with RiceI want some comfort food. Just some cosy curl up on the couch and watch a bad movie comfort food. I’m not sure what bad movie it needs to be. I have a friend who loves to watch Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes when she is sick. I think both of those movies are a bit too sad for me to be comforting. I’m more a silly brainless comedy girl-Pitch Perfect or Mean Girls-they are easy movies that have been endlessly been playing on HBO and the like. Something of that nature is the perfect background dozing movie.  Nothing that expends much brain power and if I fall asleep in the middle? Well, I can pick it up again in another hour most likely, or I know it so well I can recite the lines without finishing the movie.  But let’s get back to comfort food.  For me, that’s chicken. We’ve been traveling at ton and finally hit the stop button.  Now that we are home for a couple of weeks, I know that I need to rest up and refuel not only my mind but my body.  I’m not sure what’s so restorative about chicken but it totally is my go to meal when I’m sick or feeling blue.  This simple chicken stew with rice hits the spot when I don’t want something too soupy but I still want all that home cooked chicken soup taste.

For this comforting meal, I wanted a more stew than soup consistency.  So, I decided not to cover the chicken entirely with water but instead filled the pot to about half full.  This allowed me to get all that rich chicken flavor but not the full amount of liquid. After poaching the chicken for about an hour with the onion, celery, and thyme, I set it aside to cool before pulling it into bite sized pieces. I also took that resting time to add in the wild rice blend into the stock and cook it. I think just a little rice was a great addition to this chicken stew. I then added the pulled chicken back into the pot and let everything cook together for a little bit. If necessary you can always add extra stock or bone broth-I love Pacific’s new Bone Broth. That way you can make it soupier if you’d like it or keep it more like a stew.

Curl up with a big bowl of chicken stew with rice and curl up on the couch for me. It’s so restorative and comforting. It make lots of things better.

Chicken Stew


  • 1 whole chicken
  • 5 ribs celery, cut down middle and sliced into 1/4 inch half rounds
  • 2-3 medium white onions-roughly diced
  • 2 springs thyme
  • 1/2 cup wild rice blend (I like the Lundberger blends)
  • 2 tsp kosher salt
  • Water
  • Bone broth


  1. Add whole chicken to pot with celery, onion, and thyme.
  2. Cover chicken half way with water and sprinkle salt over exposed half.
  3. Cook for approximately an hour until the chicken is very tender.
  4. Remove chicken from pot and set aside.
  5. Add wild rice to stock and vegetables.
  6. Cook until rice is tender.
  7. While rice is cooking, shred the chicken. Remove the skin and bones and pull into bite sized pieces.
  8. Add chicken back into pot.
  9. Add stock or bone broth if necessary to make a soupy consistency.
  10. Add more salt to taste if necessary.

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