Simple Foods

Simple Foods #simple #goodfood #thoughtsSometimes the most delicious dishes are the simplest.  I love when just a few ingredients come together in the most delicious way.  Eating this tomato mozzarella salad last week reminded me how a dish doesn’t have to have a lot of ingredients or tricky techniques to be tasty.  I was impressed to find out that this restaurant makes it’s own mozzarella every day. Mass produced cheese really can’t compare to locally crafted cheese or homemade fresh cheese. It kind of makes me inspired to make my own mozzarella or ricotta cheese.

I’ve never made cheese before but it seems to be one of those popular home activities rolling around the web. We have some good friends who’ve tried their hand at cheesemaking.  I’m not sure much has come from it but some stinky results.  We don’t have a cellar with the perfect temperature or humidity so I’m not sure I’m willing to try an aged cheddar but some fresh cheese made from local whole milk from the farmer’s market this spring could certainly be a possibility.

I keep telling myself warmer days are coming. There will be a farmer’s market full of spring vegetables and beds full of flowers in just a few short weeks. Until then, I’m going to scouring recipes for simple foods made with the fresh ingredients. My tastebuds can’t wait.

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