SLC Bites

On our first night in Salt Lake City, Utah, Meyer and I trekked through the cold night to dine at Pallet restaurant.  Our long walk was validated when we walked into the unique space-a renovated loading dock for Salt Lake’s first creamery.  The tall but small space created a noisy but intimate dining room.  The warm but industrial styling of the room with exposed brick, reclaimed wood, and modern chairs gave an eclectic but inviting feel to the restaurant.  However, the cocktails and food stole the show.

Just a few photos of the delicious  we ate that night.


(Guanajuato cocktail, Gloria’s meatballs, lamb, and flourless chocolate cake)

Needless to say, We were immediately impressed with the food scene in SLC and  could not wait to try our other restaurant reservations.

Another night, Meyer and I dined at Pago





Our last night in Salt Lake we popped into The Copper Onion

The Copper Onion

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