Snow Days

Snow Days #blizzard #fizzled #snow

Sadly, this wasn’t my view during Tuesday’s fizzled snowstorm.  I turned into a hopeless romantic for this snowstorm. Praying for inches upon inches of snow but alas most of the mid-atlantic got away with just a few inches.  But I can keep this north country image in my mind to remind me of greater snow storms.  There’s such commotion and drama that comes with the anticipation of snow.  Supermarket shelves were barren on Sunday night.  Bananas of all things were cleaned out.  I’ve even read of a kale shortage in NYC due to the impending snowstorm.  I was worried about the egg situation and surprised Meyer by hoarding two dozen for us.  Hey, if I bake I can certainly use a dozen in a day or so! The checkout lines were another feat to battle.  I think one’s competitive nature comes out in situations like an impending snowstorm.  Let’s jockey for a place in line and see who can check out first! As if we won’t all be fine in the end with a storm coming a day or two later.  What I want to know is what people are doing with the 5 gallons of purified water or the three packs of toilet paper they purchased out of worry. I know we still have a huge container of water we purchased before a hurricane several years ago.

There’s a panic that sets over people with an impending storm. Yes, if this one actually materialized down the eastern coast we’d be looking at several feet of snow with fears of power lines down and trees too weighted by snow to stand up right.  It’s a tough call. Do you prepare for the worst of weather or ride it out with the bare essentials knowing that in today’s age usually things are right in just a few days.  I can’t say which way I’d go in the future. I think for this storm we made the right choices for us in this instance. I’m not sure they’d be the same choices next time.

I’ve kept the snowstorm cooking to a minimum only making a pot of soup on Tuesday morning.  We might have some extra veggies stocked in the fridge but nothing too massive that we won’t use in the coming days.  A great idea that I’ve seen tweeted around reminds people that extra canned goods and dry goods can be donated to local food banks.  I don’t know a better way to share my extra hoarding food stores this winter.

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