Soda Conundrum


Ohh soda.  I have a love hate relationship with you.  High fructose corn syrup is really no one’s friend but I do love me a red can of Coca Cola.  During a recent jaunt to a big box store we came across some Mexican Coca Cola products.  These have become the mystical dream of the soda world as they are made with real cane sugar.  Now I’m not saying they are good for you but  I’d rather choose a cane sugar soda over a high fructose corn syrup one if those were my two choices.  Sugar substitutes are not an option for me. I never feel well after eating one of those.  I’d rather deal with the sugar than eat fake sugar.

I have found other options to satiate my cravings for soda. At our home we have a Sodastream sparkling water maker. A spritz of lime in a glass of bubbly water is delicious. No, it’s not a sugary treat but more often than not it’s enough to curb my craving for a soda.  When I’m out and about I’ve found a few sparkling drinks that are a bit more exciting and yet aren’t a 20oz bottle of soda.  Fizzy Lizzy makes sparkling juice/water combos in a range of fruit flavors.  They have no added sugar or preservatives making them high on my list of refreshing treats. Boylan’s Bottling Co. makes cane sugar sodas is retro flavors like grape, black cherry (my fav!), and creme soda. They really do take me back to my childhood when my elementary school would bring in A-Treat brand soda to sell for special events.  Ginger beer is another option.  Usually these are less sugar than regular sodas.  My favorites include: Fever Tree and Reed’s Original Ginger Brew.

I’ve noticed, since taking out much of the sugar I used to eat out of my diet, how sweet some foods are with all that added sugar.  Barbecue sauce is mind blowing sweet. Cookies and treats are a bit too saccharine.  Even some beef jerky is too sweet for my taste.  Soda doesn’t really excite me any more. Now, I’m focused on how to stop eating so much of it while we are traveling.  Sometimes we’re caught in a bind but more often than not I can find some coconut water or a sparkling bottle of water to satisfy my thirst and not throw off my goal of decreasing my sugar intake.  All I can do is keep focused and make the best choice out of the options presented to me.

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