Spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning #cleaning #spring #house #fresh Spring makes me want to clean! I’m ready to have organized closets and drawers that don’t look like they’ve blown up. I love flipping my closet to pack away all those heavy woolen sweaters and make room for the brightly colored cardigans of spring. I’ll also switch over my dresses so I can enjoy those spring frocks instead of jeans. I’m a girlie girl, so spring just means I can get back to easy comfortable dresses. My Tip: before you out your winter clothes away make sure they are clean and not torn. It’s a great time to sort out things for donating too. I always take my most worn clothes to the dry cleaner for a final end if season cleaning before packing them away.

I also have an itch to clean my kitchen. I think a good hard scrub would do it good. Don’t forget to put your fan grates in the dishwasher after all that heavy cooking this winter it’ll be worth the pain of putting it back together to get all that stainless sparkling clean. The oven is another forgotten harborer of a mess. Before it gets too warm why not put your oven on automatic clean. That’s never something you want to do in the heat of the summer and in winter I’m using the oven way too much to want to take the time to clean it. The refrigerator is the other secret grizzly in our house. I desperately need to clean out our Vegetable drawer. I’ve let a few too many things sit too long. A few days ago I found a cranberry in it! Yikes. For these cleanings I like to o simple and use dish soap on all the shelves and drawers for a first cleaning. My Tip: I’ll go back over everything with white vinegar just to make sure it’s squeaky clean!

The last place that we focus on in spring cleaning is our screened in porch. This year we had the whole thing pressured washed to get all of last year’s sludge off but then the pollen descended on us. So now I. Red to do another round of cleaning to get the film of green off all the surfaces. My Tip: Clorox wipes are super easy to use and clean flat surfaces so well. I’m just done with sneezing fits from green dust. A good wiping and sweeping of our porch will make it shop shape in no time.

After all that hard work: It’s time to sit back on the porch with a refreshing cocktail made from ingredients sitting in that pristine fridge in a cute spring frock!

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