Summer thoughts

Summer Thoughts #summer #blogging #breakAs you may have noticed, I’ve taken a a bit of a break for the past too weeks. I concede that it’s been too long of a break but it has been good for me. I’ve needed some time to recharge and think about what I want to do with Violet Meyer.  I love cooking and blogging. It’s great fun to share my creations but I don’t want it to be a slog.

To be honest, I started to get stressed out to make sure I produced content everyday. This really didn’t start out as a project to stress me out but more of a fun outlet. So I need to keep that in mind.  So I may be posting a bit more infrequently. Summer is calling. Being outside enjoying life, enjoying my family is of great importance. I’ll still be sharing recipes and fun adventures but it isn’t going to be a daily grind, right now it’s just not going to work for me. We have a packed summer of fun and I want to enjoy it.

Our summer of good clean fun started off with going to A Prairie Home Companion this weekend.  Yes, it’s a hokey radio variety show but fun in it’s own way. I really thought I was thrown back about forty years. It helped that it was a chilly evening at Wolf Trap–the perfect midwestern air to have this Minnesotan show come to DC.  Their fake sponsor ads are hilarious and I can only imagine are based on real product commercials on radio shows in the 1950’s. But the three girls from I’m with Her stole the show.  What outstanding country/bluegrass musicians they were! I highly recommend you checking out their music. Their EP is on iTunes! The show as a whole was what I’m looking to get out of my entire summer: good clean fun. A relaxing time, spent with friends, enjoying life.  That’s what summer should be about.

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