Roundup: Gluten Free Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Snacks #gameday #superbowl #GF

I may not be one for watching football but I am sure of the necessity of good snacks while a football game is on the TV. The stress from yelling at the television, throwing things the tv, and constant snacking to keep one’s mouth shut all require delicious food to be hanging around the room. I’ve found when it comes to the Super Bowl you’re either all in or you’re laid back waiting to see the outcome of a game you have no personal interest in.  For those without their favorite team playing it really becomes a social evening with tasty, indulgent snack food.  I might be an outsider to a football addiction but I do know that whenever you gather a group of friends to watch a game you better bring it with the snacks.  This Super Bowl Snacks Roundup finds interesting twists on classic game day snacks to please any crowd. And of course they’re gluten free!

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