Sweet Green


Have I ever told you how much I love Sweet Green?  I’m so not a salad girl.  I’ve never jumped for joy over a salad, it just isn’t my favorite thing.  But I will admit that it’s the easiest gluten free lunch that I know of.  And that does mean a lot.  Meyer, on the other hand, has never met a salad he doesn’t like. I think he could eat them three meals a day if I’d let him.  Sweet Green has become our easy lunch out.  It’s very convenient  as they have shops all through the DC/MD/VA area including all over the city, Tyson’s Corner, and Ballston.  Now if only one would pop up in Old Town Alexandria.

Sweet Green sources local and organic ingredients. They also develop connections with their producers.  Every store has a board listing the local producers being used. They only source hormone free, antibiotic free, all natural meats. And all their packaging is 100% plant based compostable. Talk about an aware, conscientious, and mission focused company!

Not only is it a local company- it was started by Georgetown alumna. It’s a company with great values. Check out their five core values noted on their website: win, win, win; think sustainable; keep it real; add the sweet touch; and make an impact. Go click the link and read more about each one.  It’s a great company to learn more about. They also host the Sweet Life Festival which is a great event of music, food, and thoughtful living.

For me though, it’s the care they take with my food.  When I explain that I have a gluten allergy one server will change their gloves and walk my order down the line.  I really appreciate that consideration and care. All their salad dressings are gluten free and most of the ingredients are as well. Just stay away from the hot grains, croutons, and bread.  I’ve never had a problem.  For me, that’s what keeps me going back. It’s a delicious, nutritious lunch that I can count on.


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