Throwback Thursday: Cinco De Mayo style

Throwback Thursday Mexican Dips #Salsa #guacamole #cincodemayo Sometimes it’s fun to go back and revisit tasty recipes from the past. I thought I’d do a Throwback Thursday this week of a few tasty dips as Cinco de Mayo is only a few days away.  Two of my favorite dips, Guacamole and Salsa Fresca, would both be perfect for celebrating this festive holiday.

avocados #throwbackthursday #cincodemayo I love this fresh guacamole bright with onion and cilantro. It’s always delicious as guacamole tacos with queso fresco.  Fresh guac is so much better than grabbing some pre-made stuff from the store.  It takes no time at all to make and will certainly be devoured by myself and guests alike.

Guacamole Ingredients #throwbackthursday #cincodemayo

Meyer begs me to make the salsa fresca as it’s his favorite dip. The fresh tomatoes and bright lime juice make it perfect as a topping on almost anything from chicken to scrambled eggs! We’ve housed a whole bowl of this dip in an afternoon. However, I do think it benefits from sitting out for a few hours to let the flavors blend together.  That is if you can resist it.

Salsa Fresca #throwbackthursday #cincodemayo

I used roma tomatoes in this salsa because they were firm and in the grocery store but start using farmer’s market tomatoes as soon as you can find them! They’ll bring their own sweetness to the salsa.  Don’t forget to salt it either as you need the salt to balance the lime juice. Salsa Fresca #throwbackthursday #cincodemayo

For both of these dips you can use fresh corn tortillas, make your own baked chips out of some tortillas for find a great quality GF tortilla chip like Xochitl Chips to snack on. Check out these guacamole and salsa fresca recipes for some delicious party foods that we’ll be eating all summer long. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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