Travel Photos: Pinehurst, NC

Pinehurst, NC #pinehurst #vacayPinehurst, North Carolina is an adorable resort hamlet known as a golfers dream with 9 courses to play. We recently spent a long weekend there not for golf but for a car show with my family. Although there’s not much happening besides golf our weekend was wonderfully restful. We took advantage of the spa and took many long walks.   We also indulged in a little too much good food.  Here’s a few photos from our weekend away in Pinehurst. Photos around Pinehurst #pinehurst #travel #golf

 I can’t complain about the linens at the Carolina Hotel as we have the same fabric on a couch in our house.  I love pine branch pillow as well. For a very “piney” town Pinehurst certainly carries the theme throughout the property.  The Pinehurst Putter Boy is the iconic symbol of the golf club created in 1912.  This adorable statue showed off larger life representations of the 2014 US Open trophies, which was played on Pinehurst No. 2. The town center is an adorable lane of shops and restaurants. We meandered through them several times during the weekend. Not only could we have purchased Pinehurst golfwear but antique golf memorabilia and posh clothing shops were there to browse.  I love this old golfing sign, it would be perfect for a golfer’s den or bar.

Gluten Free Food at Pinehurst #gf #yum #tastyEven more exciting was their accommodation of gluten free dining!  I found out the first night that a chef is happy to come out to your table to discuss your meal with any food allergy. I certainly took advantage of this with Chef Stephanie speaking to me at several meals and other colleagues assisting as well.  I did find the breakfast buffet to be a bit harder to work around since they cook the omelets on an open griddle along with the pancakes. So be warned and ask to have your eggs cooked in the kitchen in a fresh pan! The servers were happy to accommodate my request. Popcorn was available in the bar at the Carolina hotel all afternoon and evening long.  Sitting on the porch in a rocking chair, nibbling on some gf popcorn, was the perfect way to relax in the early evenings.  One day for lunch I was tempted by the BBQ pork nachos. After speaking with the chef, I found that they weren’t gluten free as the chips are fried in the shared fryer. However, the chef decided to go beyond the call of duty and freshly fry new chips for me in a pan of oil.  The nachos were amazing! I never expect such help and service but I’m always impressed when it happens. The food and the service at Pinehurst was a real treat.  I was even impressed finding a Fresh Market just outside of town. Look at all those Tate’s gluten free cookies!

We certainly ate too well including a delicious rift on shrimp and grits.  I’ll keep Pinehurst in mind for a relaxing southern vacation as they took such good care of me.

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