Turkish towels


I’m crushing hard on Peshtemals or Turkish towels right now.  They seem to be popping up everywhere from Bloomingdale’s to farmer’s markets.  Their rise to fame might have been a few years ago but now days you can grab one everywhere you turn.  The peshtemal’s popularity is partially due to their versatility but also their oh so soft 100% cotton loom woven fabric. They are the traditional flat woven towels used in Turkish baths or hammams.  The best news is they get softer and softer with every washing.

I’d use them as guest towels, throw blankets, or even a table runner.  They’d be perfect is a steam room or to use as a beach towel. You can find classic stripes, simple geometric patterns, bolder fun patterns, or solids. One thing’s for sure your guests will try to pack them in their suitcase when they leave.

Here’s a few places to start your quest for the perfect Turkish towel:

  • Turkish-T is one of the most popular shops 
  • Booda Soap Box is a small vendor I met at a farmer’s market. His family makes the towels in Turkey. 
  • I love all the colors at The Folding Room.
  • Simple Life has great silk, linen, and cotton peshtemals.
  • Search Etsy for other vendors.

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