Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming ConferencesThere’s so many great conferences to go to all over the country not only for food blogging but also for celiac disease and food allergies. This year it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to attend many but I thought putting together a list of ones I’d like to attend in the future would help to keep them in the front of my mind. The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has a great list of upcoming expos and conferences across the country. Below is just a few conferences that I’m keeping in mind for future years.  So search for some in your area or for father away for a great weekend adventure of food blogging!

The Food Allergy Bloggers Conference is taking place this November 13, 14 & 15 2015 in Denver, Colorado. What fun it would be to meet up with fellow food allergy bloggers. I know I could learn a lot at this conference.

Living Without Magazine’s Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest travels all around the country. Upcoming cities on their tour of fests include Columbus, Minneapolis, and Portland, OR.

Camp Blogaway is definitely on must list of musts for future years.  A real camp weekend in California’s San Bernardino Mountains with other food bloggers. That sounds like a great ‘bootcamp’.

GF & AF Expo is the biggest gluten free and allergy friendly event in the US. It too travels from city to city. Upcoming cities include Chicago, Worchester, MA, Secaucus, and Dallas.

I’d love to attend the upcoming Celiac Disease Foundation’s 2015 Nation Conference in Pasadena. Not only will there be an amazing expo of gluten free vendors but some of the leading minds of Celiac research will be presenting.  It’s a great place to learn more about my disease and discover new treats.

The International Food Blogger Conference is on my hit list as well. Honing my skills of food writing and keeping up to date on blogging technology is the double benefit of this conference.

The Big Potluck is in my hometown backyard. I’d love to find out when the 2015 get together will happen. Food, inspiration, and big time community sounds like a lovely way to spend a few days in the Pennsylvania country side.

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