Whiskey Lemonade


My mother loves drinking whiskey sours.  It’s a sweet tart drink made with egg whites, whiskey, and lemon.  I’d always vie for a sip when I was young-it seemed much more like candy than a real cocktail.  Now days, I’d rather not drink the pre-made mixer that most bars would use in a whiskey sour. I’m also not interested making cocktails at home that contain more than a few ingredients.  So I thought I’d simplify the drink into it’s two most important ingredients. Lemons and whiskey.

In the heat of summer, it’s easy to mix up a big pitcher of whiskey lemonades.  It’s so easy to pick up a jug of lemonade (the less ingredients the better).  In the future, I might go about making my own lemonade with a big bag of lemons, some sugar or maple syrup, and some water.   But in this summer heat I wanted to make these drinks so easy.  Go buy some good whiskey like Jack Daniels Single Barrel–the taste will make it worth it.  To make this easy drink just mix them together, and voila! A delish easy cocktail you can sip all afternoon long.

I like to use about 6 oz of lemonade per 2oz of whiskey in my drinks.  Fill up high ball glasses with ice and  don’t forget to slice some lemon slices to garnish each glass.  A sprig of mint is another fun garnish.

It’s also a perfect summer time drink to mix up in a large pitcher when throwing a party.  Guests can help them selves to a tall glass of whiskey lemonades.  Giving you a bit more time to enjoy those lazy summer days.

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